Nell Blaine

Style: Impressionist, Landscape, Abstract

Background: Nell Blair Walden Blaine was born on  July 10, 1922 in Richmond, Virginia, he was an American landscape painter and watercolorist.

Education: Blaine studied at the Richmond School of Art and moved to New York City in 1942 to study painting with Hans Hofmann. In 1943, she was the youngest member of the American Abstract Artists group. In 1945, she studied with Stanley William Hayter at Atelier 17.

Achievements: She showed at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery starting in 1953. Blaine contracted polio in 1959 on Mykonos Island and used a wheelchair the rest of her life, but rehabilitated the use of her hands to paint. Her papers are held at Harvard University.

Famous Works:

Nell Blaine - Interior at Quaker Hill

Nell Blaine – Interior at Quaker Hill

Nell Blaine - Studio Time

Nell Blaine – Studio Time

Nell Blaine - Three Friends at a Table

Nell Blaine – Three Friends at a Table

Nell Blaine -Green Table Cloth

Nell Blaine -Green Table Cloth

Nell Blaine -Summer Interior with a Book

Nell Blaine -Summer Interior with a Book

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