Maurice Braun

Maurice Braun (1877–1941)

Maurice Braun (1877–1941)

Style: Impressionism

Background: Maurice Braun was born in Hungary on October 1, 1877. Braun was an American artist who became known for Impressionist landscapes of Southern California.

Education:  His professional studies took him to the National Academy of Fine Arts where he studied the French tradition under Francis C. Jones, George W. Maynard and Edgar M. Ward.

In 1901 Braun trained under the American painter William Merritt Chase (1849–1916).

Achievements: He established himself as a figure and portrait painter in New York City, but in 1909 he left for California. Maurice Braun died in San Diego, California on November 7, 1941.

Famous Works: 

Maurice Braun - California Landscape

Maurice Braun – California Landscape

Maurice Braun - California Landscape 2

Maurice Braun – California Landscape 2

Maurice Braun - Hills

Maurice Braun – Hills

Maurice Braun – California Landscape

Maurice Braun - Southern California Landscape

Maurice Braun – Southern California Landscape

Maurice Braun - Wild Flowers

Maurice Braun – Wild Flowers

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