Ekaterina Abramova

Ekaterina Abramova(1979-...)

Ekaterina Abramova

Style: Modern

Background: Ekaterina Abramova was born in 1979 in Moscow region.

Education: The first tasks of composition and artwork were given by her father-Alexander Abramov -artist and wood carver.

She was studied in artistic school and graduated this school with honors. Then she has been teached in Abramzevo’s artistic college by the name of Vasnezov and private artistic studio.

In 2004 – graduated from State Academic Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture by name of I.E. Repin.

Achievements:  · exhibitions: Sergiev-Posad (1996), gallery “Club Des arts”(Moscow, 1997);
· expositions of galleries: “Share” (Moscow, Central House of Artists (CHA), 1997), “Albatros” ( exposition, Moscow, 1998-2000), “Vahtangov” (Moscow, CHA, 1999), “Bagira” (Moscow, 1999-2000), “Arte Vita Style”(2001), creative union “NUR”( CHA, 2001), “Art club” ( CHA, 2002);

· personal exhibitions: “House of friendness”(Moscow, 1998), embassy of Germany (Moscow, 1999-2001), embassy of Finland (Moscow, 2000), Moscow Russian-German House (Moscow, 2000).

The artworks are in the private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, UK.

Famous Works: 

Ekaterina Abramova (22)

Ekaterina Abramova (19)

Ekaterina Abramova (18)

Ekaterina Abramova (10)

ekaterina abramova