Duane Alt

Duane Alt(April 17, 1935- ...)

Duane Alt
(April 17, 1935- …)

Style:  Contemporary French Impressionist

Background: Duane Alt was born in California on April 17, 1935.

Education: While still a teenager he began formal art studies at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.

After school Alt went into the Army where he served his country proudly, he was stationed overseas and during that time became infatuated with the European culture, the food and the simpler way of life.

His first endeavors of Hawaii and the streets of San Francisco were put to rest when on a trip to Paris he was introduced to the French School of 19th century Impressionist artists. Alt furthered his studies throughout Europe; however it was France and Italy the villages of the Barbizon, the hills of Provence, and the small inlets along the azure sea of the Mediterranean which mostly influence his work.

Dazzling sunshine, fields of flowers, breathtaking views and lush vegetation are his inspiration. His schooling in the Beaux Arts style of painting have given Alt a solid background in traditional Impressionism to which he ads his own exuberant style, full of freshness and life.

Achievements:  In 1993, Alt became the only American painter ever to be invited to participate in “Le Salon” Societe des Artistes Francais Grand Palais de Champs Elysees-Paris. A French jury selected 3 of Alt’s paintings to be displayed as part of their over 125 year old tradition.

Duane Alt has made his statement to the visual world artistically and has established himself in the forefront of American painters. His impressionistic landscapes and floral still life’s are sought after by collectors worldwide. In the 30 years since Alt was first introduced to the public, response has continued to be as enthusiastic as his painting style, with many one man shows being sell outs.

Famous Works:

Duane Alt - La Ferme a la Compagne

Duane Alt – La Ferme a la Compagne

Duane Alt - Le Metropole

Duane Alt – Le Metropole

Duane Alt - Overlooking the Mediteranean

Duane Alt – Overlooking the Mediteranean

Duane Alt - Roquebrune

Duane Alt – Roquebrune

Duane Alt - Sunflowers

Duane Alt – Sunflowers