Brett Amory

Brett Amory (1975-...)

Brett Amory

Style: Contemporary

Background: Brett Amory was born in 1975 in Chesapeake, Virginia. He has lived in the Bay Area of California for the past 15 years, living in San Francisco for 13 years before relocating to Oakland in 2009, where he is currently based.

Education: Amory attended The Academy of Arts in San Francisco, where he received a BFA in 2005 as well as two major academic awards: The Student Choice award in 2004 and Second Prize in landscape painting in 2003.

Achievements: In 2006, Amory was included in the book Convergence along with six fellow Bay Area artists. Amory’s work is based on photographs the artist has taken of ordinary city architecture and people who he sees on a daily basis but never speaks to. He feels especially drawn to individuals who look lost, lonely or awkward—those who don’t appear to fit in socially. Amory’s imagery has evolved over time as the artist has reduced compositional elements of the urban environment with increasingly more negative space, placing a stronger focus on the human subjects who have shifted from daily travelers in the mundane sense to what has become an implied spiritual passage toward transcendence. In recent works, including those in this exhibition, the negative space has become black rather than white, adding to the emotional impact of the light source as having symbolic significance within the context of the obscured landscape imagery.

As the title suggests, the Waiting series is about how we rarely experience living in the now, always awaiting what will come next or obsessed with what has already transpired. In our age of distraction, being in the present is difficult to achieve outside of meditation practice, it requires heightened cognitive awareness and clear mental space, often prevented by constant internal dialogue, preoccupation with memories of the past and/or concern for the future. Amory’s work attempts to visually represent this concept of disconnection and anticipation, conveying the idea of transient temporality that exists in most moments of our daily lives

Famous Works:

Brett Amory - Waiter27

Brett Amory – Waiter27

Brett Amory - Waiting79

Brett Amory – Waiting79

Brett Amory - Waiting 47

Brett Amory – Waiting 47

Brett Amory - Waiting 76

Brett Amory – Waiting 76

Brett Amory - Waiting 93

Brett Amory – Waiting 93