Alberto Abate


Alberto Abate  (Rome, 16 March 1946 – Rome, 9 March 2012) 

Style: Contemporary

Background: Alberto Abate was born in Rome into a family of artists from Catania : the father, the sculptor Carmelo Abate ) – and Uncle father Alesandro Abate,  was a recognized painter, water colorist and appreciated fresco painter. Alberto Abate passed away after a short illness in 2012 at the age of 65 years.

Education: In the fifties Abate attended to Catania  the local art school: his teachers are the sculptor and the painter Domenico Tudisco Giuseppe Giuffrida. After graduation, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and, at nineteen, he received his first assignment as a teacher of “Drawing from life” at the Art Institute of Catania, a position he held until 1973. The following year he moved to Padua to teach at the Art Institute, “Peter Wild.” The periods Catania and Padua are characterized by the commitment and passion for politics and the intense study of languages ​​and artistic techniques and painting.

Achivements: – Alberto Abate is considered one of the twenty most representative Italian artists of the last decades of the twentieth century.

– In 1980 Abbot is one of the protagonists of the renovation project promoted by the cultural and artistic gallery “The Turtle” ( Rome ) Plinio de Martis and the collective historical An exhibition of six artists inaugurates the birth of the aesthetics of the movement called ‘ Anachronism

– Numerous collective exhibitions in  Italy and abroad. Among these exposures are cited in Den Haag, Holland, London, Great Britain, New York, USA, Paris, France, Washington, DC, USA, Melbourne, Adelaide Perth, Australia, Dallas, USA, Rio, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Helsinki, Finland, Istanbul, Ankara, Turkey, Tel Aviv, Israel, Annecy,France, Lyon, France, Lisboa, Portugal, Brussels, Belgium, Grenoble, France, Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt, Marseille, France, Sana’a, Yemen, andVienna, Austria.

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